Life's a glitch

GLITCHCRAFT is a twisted adult animated comedy about video games + gamers.

Embraces our hyped/ disappointed romance with tech.

Satirizes the greed and bloat of the global gaming industry.

Shows mad love for the artform, the fans and the devs.

The Pitch is WAC


Elika loves playing games – online, on her phone, and especially with your head. An Asian-American gamer, designer, and spiller of gaming industry tea, her dream is to design awesome videogames. Elika experienced early success with Kitty Candy Crack, an addictive mobile game. What followed next was years having her ideas rejected or stolen by others, and she finally quit to go her own way – underground!

Elika’s new goal is to create fun, original games. The opportunities are endless, but so are the chances to screw up. Her flaw is that she is at heart a chaos creative, one who relies upon last-second inspiration and thrives under pressure. She’ll even create more chaos in order to thrive… not the best business strategy! Her antics tend to take things as far as they can go – and then even further. Follow her efforts to inject new creative blood into the gaming industry’s robotic corporate think tank. Elika finds the light side of gaming and the fun in bugs. After all: “Life’s A Glitch!”

Elika Spills Tea On Games

Blade Gunner

Enter The A.R.S.E.




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