Welcome to Wactivision

WAC’S VISION “Harnessing the Power of Wac”

Wac’s vision is to become the ONE gaming company, the only option for gamers worldwide. Currently the semi-penultimate AAAA publisher.

Wac strives to crush the competition, vanquish our rivals, dominate the market-cloud and take over the world (of gaming).

Wac works everyday to meet the very lowest standards for quality assurance and customer satisfaction, proud to exemplify the very worst industry practices.

Wac spends billions/ sec on innovative ways to disappoint you and take your money: get ready for Wac Nanotransactions, Wac Paywall & Wac Bags-O-Loot!

– written by AI: Irony.HLRN

WAC HQ "Global Gamertainment"

WAC HQ combines the inventiveness of ACME, the insanity of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and the apocalyptic promise of Skynet from The Terminator.


Cutting-edge technology means it is a place where the literal laws of nature don’t apply! Impossible physics engines can bend space-time or summon portals to unknown realms, and a mortal can become a legend.


Home of historic Devil’s Plaything franchise, still innovative and relevant despite being in its 37th installment.


Company is now 90% AI – by coincidence, Wac demonstrates boastful contempt for fans, employees and humanity in general.


Wac game servers use the very latest in cutting edge 90s hardware, sustainably powered by rodents running in tiny plastic wheels. They rarely crash more than 5 times per min, and achieve light speed “partially-zero” input lag times of just 14 seconds!


UPDATE: Despite some harmful and inaccurate recent accusations about crunch and toxic workplace conditions, we suddenly do now care deeply about our employees well-being and always have!


Wacstory: In the early 80s, four programmer pals started Wactivision with a simple dream: to create classic games, build a great empire of play, then be forced out via a hostile corporate takeover without making a penny and vanish into oblivion forever. That dream came true with ruthless efficiency/ extreme prejudice – today our board members piss liquid gold and nothing can stop them.

Look Upon Our Mighty FRANCHISES And Despair!

Devil’s Plaything

BITE of the Living Dead: Zombie Simulator

WHERE’S MY MONEY!? Feat. Jason Statham (deal pending)

Sticky Rubber

Ass Greed

Call of Jury Duty

Janky Kong



Duct Hunt

COMING SOON... Ideas Manufactured by AI: G-ne-us.HLRN

Hentai Olympics

Science Gun

Dart the Dad

Of Cores

Of Cores 2: Just Cores

Crazy Circus Ringleader Xtreme

Metal Mettle


Emotion Capture

Grim Creeper 

Bowling Alley Knife Fight

RIDDLED (with plot holes) by Ridley Scott

Love Probe

My Little Pwnage

Gold Coin Grow Farm

Top Drone

Dances with Scorpions

Viral Rivals

CRACKIN The Crack-Smokin’ Kraken 

Young Offender

Single Stranglin’ Glove

From Boomer to Zoomer

Sack of Doorknobs Ninja

Candy from a Crime Scene

Diluted Sheeple

Rope, Swing, Jump, Die